Review Policy

Thank you for considering me as a possible reviewer for your book(s). I have received a few review requests lately, but I have taken my time to carefully consider each one. Here are a couple of things you should know before submitting a request for review to me:

– I always write honest reviews. If a book doesn’t work for me, I will politely give my truthful review about, but never be impolite or harsh. I cannot guarantee positive reviews only, please do not expect that.

– I try to review every book I read, but it becomes increasing impossible. Hence I reserve the right to review the book. I try not to abandon any book, but sometimes I don’t feel like the story is speaking to me, in a certain way and I might stop reading said book. Hence, I might put a “Currently Reading Update” but might not review it.

– I have had requests where the authors had wanted a particular time frame within which the review had to be posted, if this is something that you would like to follow, please say so before. I don’t have a planned reviewing schedule so this might make it easier.

– I am open to all sorts of genres, but a couple that interest me the most are:

a) Contemporary YA fiction/Adult fiction.
b) Young Adult Fantasy.
c) Fantasy – dark/high and so on.
d) Women’s fiction.
e) Historical Fiction.
f) Mystery/ Thriller.
g) Children’s Books.
h) Graphic novel, Comics.

The reviews will only be done if a hardback/paperback is provided. I don’t review ebooks or audiobooks at the moment. I publish my reviews on Amazon, Litsy, Goodreads and the blog. If there is a specific site where you’d like me to send my review please let me know, I am happy to accommodate.
Please send any review requests to the following email –
Thank you.


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