Ranting Reviews(4)-Dark Angel


Halley’s Comet night at Winterscombe in 1910 ends with a violent death which throws a giant shadow over three generations of the Cavendish dynasty. At the centre of events is the beautiful and dangerous Constance, who casts a spell – which may be a curse – on all the sons of the family.

4.5 stars.
I have never given a book five stars, but I was so tempted to give five stars to this one.
It was absolutely mystifying. I was awestruck by her writing, the country house/shire, the landscapes and the immense depth of each character that she portrayed.

This book would be possible only when you look at it with a psychological depth.
I loved all characters – so stark, so stunning, all shone bright with their own specific traits. I absolutely love Acland, Jane, Wexton, Boy, Gwen and even Constance and Eddie.
Constance, with all her faults, Beauman gives such pathological insight into her character.
I have never encountered a horror thriller-mystery where the mystery is the character.

After a while, you’re so engrossed into the novel and their lives, that you forget that there even was a murder – the reason for the murder is given before the murder itself- and yet the ending is something you never see coming.

It was such a brilliant story of love, hate, death, destruction and war : not only in the 1914s but also in your own heart and your actions and ultimately, your self. War within your self, a self destructive, scheming and hasty approach on the war zone of the First World War.

The contents and the story of this novel, will possibly never leave me and I will most certainly ask everyone to read it. It’s not just horror or mysterious or magical, it is a beautiful depiction of human beings at war with one another, and themselves.

Definitely reading all her novels now.


-Painting Stories.


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