Creating Stories From Images – III


Dear Photographer,

I want people to like me.

I want a photo of mine, ‘staring into the abyss’

I want to pop in their minds, while their working,

While married men are with other women.

I don’t how I’ll affect them but I do.

It must be something to do with the facelessness f the image.

The only issue is, I can’t breathe.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t see.

I look at the saggy face and pulled out hair.

I look at the torso and the tearful hands.

And I seem to drown in my own insecurities.

I can’t breathe.


Dear Photographer,

I want people to admire me.

They come across my photo on a morning walk

And feel the same happiness that I seem to glow.

Happiness through the lens is easier than in the real life.

I want people to turn at look at me, briefly.

Not too long but only me.

The only issue is,

My body won’t fit in a frame.

I should probably hold a cigarette but I can’t seem to breathe.


Still Dear photographer,

I want a photograph.

Something that talks about my good old days, when in reality I had none.

Something has frozen time for me, when it already is.

I want you to fit me in a frame,




On either my hair

Or my eyes

Or my face

Or my lips

Or my body


Dear Photographer,

All I ever wanted was for someone to notice me.

– Painting Stories.


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