Creating Stories From Images – II

image‘I am just waiting.’
‘Waiting? For what? ‘
I am just waiting for that one day when I wake up and I don’t look at my phone to see who texted me last night.

Just waiting for that time when I don’t wake up for hours, hoping that the phone will buzz. Just waiting for that one moment where I understand that some people are just passerby(s) in your life. That sometimes you have to let them go. You need to understand that not everyone you meet will stick around or have an impact on you. You can have an impact on yourself. You can learn what these people were trying to telk you. But you don’t necessarily need the person in your life.
Some people are like comets. They come rarely and you think you have a connection but they’re meant to go, not stay. They prepare you to appreciate the stars. They prepare you to love the stars that will always be there, in your life. Blinding, starking, magical but constant.
Some day I’ll understand what this  means, someday I will even convince myself through these words, but till that day I will wish on my stars to let me keep the comet.

– Samidha (:


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