The Ground Is Burning – Samuel Black

Seduction, betrayal and murder: the true art of the renaissance. Cesare Borgia, Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci – three of the most famous, or notorious, names in European history. In the autumn of 1502, their lives intersect in a castle in Italy’s Romagna. In this hugely intelligent and entertaining novel, Samuel Black tells the true story of these men who, with different tools – ruthless ambition, unstoppable genius and subtle political manipulation – each follow an obsession to attain greatness and leave a lasting mark on the world. And at the centre of this court of intrigue and deception is Dorotea Caracciolo, a young noblewoman abducted by Borgia who has become his lover – and his secret agent. Their story begins in hope and fear and ends in bloodshed, deceit and triumph. Along the way, there are battles and romances, lavish parties and furtive stranglings. And out of this maelstrom will emerge the Mona Lisa and The Prince.


An empty cage, it’s open door- a symbol of my new found Liberty

The ground is burning is one book I recommend everyone to invest in. If you’re looking for a good historical fiction it is this one.
From the premise I thought it was only about these few famous people and how they have been portrayed and made into.

Goodness often leads us to the house of evil. Yet we may sometimes reach the house of goodness by taking the path of evil.”

For starters I’d like to point out how difficult it is to build a single character but Black has gone all out and created three absolutely phenomenal characters and they are all historically known figures.
Stunning and precise research work and story line will always keep you on your toes.
This book actually follows four major character, one of them being a not very famous figure but a woman.

Dorotea, she was a real person at that time and he’s built her character from there.
Surprisingly one of the most beautiful and poetic and true to form dialogues actually come from her mouth, which is an appreciation of his work in is own sense.
The Ground Is burning will blow your mind. It points out the fact that how all these characters are trying to be immortal but even till the end they feel like a failure. When do you know that you have achieved your peak and now you’re sloping down?

History is speaking to us. Always,it whispers: too quiet to hear,in a foreign tongue. If only we could understand what it were saying, something of the gravest importance might revealed

That’s something that is beautifully portrayed in this book.
Writing style is amazing, the characters are all great. To the point where there is this very brief character who is sort of like the bad guy but when we are given an insight into his thoughts and it actually makes you cry.
There is no character bias, it’s almost like different people have written different stories.
I am actually at a loss of ideas on how to improve this book because there was no fault at all.
Not for a minute was it boring rather it was engaging. Not for a minute was it too vulgar (as someone who watches a lot of historical shows some level of shade is acceptable). 
I can’t emphasis how much I recommend this to everyone. And while you’re at it please also watch a show called Da Vinci’s Demons because it’s exquisitely done.
And dibs on Tom Riley.


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