Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Graphic Novel.

image.jpegBold visionary, Henry Jekyll, believes he can use his scientific knowledge to divide a person into two beings–one of pure good and one of pure evil. Working tirelessly in his secret laboratory, concocting a potion that would tear at the core of what makes a man human, he eventually succeeds–but only halfway.

Instead of separating the good and evil halves, Jekyll isolates only the latter. What seems at first a relief to the doctor becomes a nightmare as he loses control of the transformation. His friends feel Jekyll will waste away and fear the worst.

Can Jekyll undo what he has done? Or will it change things forever?


2 Stars. **

This was a graphic novel because I thought it would better express the evilness of Hyde’s deeds. But I am majorly disappointed. It was about as short as it gets and every thing was so confusing.

Years months and days passed in a blur and things had no momentum and the ending was absolutely cringe worthy. This is not a graphic novel that should be read.

Don’t recommend this at all.

-Painting Stories.


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