The Lady’s Slipper – Review.


1660. King Charles II has returned from exile, but memories of the English Civil War still rankle. There are old scores to settle, and religious differences threaten to overturn a fragile peace. When Alice Ibbetson discovers a rare orchid, the Lady’s Slipper, growing in a wood belonging to Richard Wheeler, she is captivated by its beauty— though Wheeler, a Quaker, is determined to keep the flower where God intended it to grow. Knowing that the orchid is the last of its kind, she steals the flower, little dreaming that her seemingly simple act will set off a chain of events that will lead to murder and exile, and change her life forever…


Review :
3. 5 stars!
I was meaning to read this book since a long time now. I wanted to finish this and get on with my TBR pile.
I was very reluctant to go into this book as I knew almost next to nothing about the Puritan war as well as the Restoration period.
Thankfully though this book does indulge into much historical framework regarding the war.
One of the most accurate descriptions of the time, society, hierarchy as well as setting has been presented in this book.
Absolutely stunning!
The way she has portrayed the entire backdrop and the setting was something only well researched and talented authors can do.
This follows the lives of many people, amongst them the three most pivotal characters are Alice Ibbetson, Richard Wheeler and Geoffrey Fisk.
As far the story line went it was very catching and intriguing. It kept me reading. The only issue I have is that it could’ve been curtailed a little. The last parts could’ve been edited because they were a little dragged.
The liked the twist of the title. Yes, there is a subtle twist, not hard to guess but I liked it none the less.
The characters were not all likable, even though Swift has tried to make each of them at least seem fair in their own endeavors.
I felt like Alice was too preoccupied to be the main character, one of the main character.
Wheeler and Fisk still had spots of reality in them.
But, whatever said and done this book turned out to be way better than what I had expected.
There is also a follow up coming for the book, or is already out, which I am planning on getting my hands on.
I am an absolute fan of the setting and world that Swift had built and I want to have more of it. 



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