Forbidden : Review.




BLURP: She is pretty and talented – sweet sixteen and never been kissed. He is seventeen; gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future. And now they have fallen in love. But… they are brother and sister.



There are just some books that come into your life accidentally and make you think in ways your mind was sealed shut.
The Forbidden is one such book for me.
It’s about these two teenagers, a guy and girl and they are in love.
And it’s not that Insta-love or love at first site stuff. Their love is as slow and as justifiable as it gets.
There is a little problem though, both these lovers are actually brother and sister.
Bam! And No it’s not a spoiler.
Before anyone turns away and gets disgusted by incest, let me just say that this book is more than that.
This book is about responsibilities, families, sacrifices one makes, social anxiety, the stereotypes in society related to a lot of things and then obviously it’s about a peculiar love story.
Let’s just take a minute and appreciate the cover. I have never seen such an expressive cover with regards to the content. The black symbolizes everything. Their feelings, hardships, society. And the barbed wire stands for the love that they have for each other which can’t be contained in categories.
I knew that I’d like this book the minute I picked this book up.

 I refuse to let the label from outside world ruin the best day of my life.

The characters were great. You felt their plight. You knew what was troubling them. And not just the protagonist(s) but also the extended characters like Kit and Willa.
Maya was mature, responsible and this amazing person that I absolutely loved. And Lochan. God Lochan.
Contrary to popular belief I feel that the ending is what defines the book. And somehow the ending wasn’t spot on.
The entire set up and the very natural yet understandable reactions of the book led to this immensely hoarse ending.
Overall though the sound that the book is trying to create is not just voices in the background but something that is pragmatic and clear.
Hope to read more such books in future.
Loved this so much!

Recommended to everyone.


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